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by skylarfess
Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:18 am
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Topic: Times are a-changing
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Re: Times are a-changing

I'm sad that you are leaving Pl, I hope you have a wonderful life and I hope that everything is great for you and your family, Merry Christmas and Happy New year
by skylarfess
Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:05 pm
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Topic: Swearing :l
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Swearing :l

smartjammerdo40 swore in chat after seahawkfan103 asked to be called 'Sea'

Here's the ss
by skylarfess
Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:00 am
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Topic: Impersonation
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Re: Impersonation

I bet they have a lot to say .~.
by skylarfess
Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:31 am
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Topic: Breeding
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Re: Breeding

PrincessPhoenix wrote:
Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:58 pm
You mean the Vivillon in my signature? It's set to show a different pattern every time you reload the forum page :P (In game there's only one pattern though- the pink Meadow one since the others were not added).
How do you get it to change like that?
by skylarfess
Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:47 am
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Topic: Impersonating Hukora
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Impersonating Hukora

This person is impersonating Hukora.
by skylarfess
Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:51 pm
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Topic: Rude to me
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Rude to me

I know this is probably not reasonable to report, but when I was trying to tell Shogunhero01 something he said to me 'What rat face?'

Here is the ss:

I understand if this is not reportable but thank you for reading it anyways.
by skylarfess
Sat Nov 16, 2019 1:02 am
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Topic: Spam in PM
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Re: Spam in PM

I don't really think/know if this is a reason to report someone, but, if he apologized for it then it should be alright. Maybe if he promises not to do it again things will clear up? I just hope nothing bad happens.
by skylarfess
Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:24 am
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Topic: Reporting Flashlan
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Reporting Flashlan

This player with the username Flashlan had been rude to some others and after I had 'left' chat he had seemed happy, after that he then said to MaryJane123 'No one can save you now MJ' I was not sure what he meant by that, but I did get a ss of some of what he said in chat. Ed...
by skylarfess
Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:50 am
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Topic: Another report
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Re: Another report

Got another ss of it.
by skylarfess
Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:45 am
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Topic: Narwhal_Nation
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Re: Join this gulid for free shinies!!!

(I think I'm already in Narwhal Nation, but just in case I'm not)

User: skylarfess

Badges: 7

Tourney wins: 2

Shinies: Sure